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Welcome to Thomas J. MacDonald Fine Furniture. All of the pieces created today are a reflection of MacDonald’s lifelong passion for working with his hands.

Every hand-crafted piece of furniture receives full attention to the smallest details, not to mention heart. Thomas believes in being true to the integrity of the pieces he is building. Anything less would be an insult to all the masters of the furniture-making trade that have come before him and to those who follow.

“I ask that my clients have the same appreciation for man’s ability to create from almost nothing and the understanding that my work is for you today…
…and for your family’s future generations.”

-Thomas J. MacDonald

Fine Furniture Maker
Timeless tables, chairs, desks, and chests—any item we construct today will remind them of generations past, truly creating future family heirlooms.

Chippendale Side Chair,
1760 – 1780
The chair has a rosewood oil stain, protected by a hand rubbed French polish shellac finish. Dimensions: 38-1/2-inches high.

American Mahogany Looking Glass,
Oiled and protected by a hand rubbed French polish style shellac finish. Dimensions: 19-inches wide, 10-inches deep, 24-inches tall.

Hepplewhite Mahogany Oval Top Pembroke Table,
Oiled and protected with a hand-rubbed French polish shellac finish. Dimensions: 17-1/2-inch-by-30-inch base, 32-inch-by-42-inch top, seats 4.

Duncan Phyfe Drum Table,
Oiled and protected with a hand-rubbed French polish shellac finish. Dimensions: 26-inch tall, 24-inch diameter.

Pilgrim Blanket Chest,
Completed with a clear wax finish. Dimensions: 27-inches high, 42-inches wide, 18-inches deep.

Classic Mahogany Chippendale-style Dining Table,
Finished with colored water stains and a sprayed lacquer protectant and hand rubbed wax. Dimensions: 4-by-12-feet, seats 14 to 18.