Woodworking Projects

Woodworking Projects and The 207U

Build these projects along with Tommy and other 207 Forum members

Woodworking Projects

Welcome to the video projects page where you will find the very first video podcast Tommy did that was featured on bobvila.com up to the present day projects and podcasts. The big table video series is a quick breakdown on the construction aspects of a twin pedestal table and some good clean trash talking between al and Tommy we all have grown to love.

The Bombe video series is the real life experience Tommy endures during the construction of the most complicated piece ever built on the web. Watch as Tommy goes through all the peaks and valleys involved, ending his journey triumphantly standing next to his latest masterpiece. Take a look at our 3 free build along projects designed to get you working at the bench. The Fed Table, Blanket Chest and Step Stool projects. If followed along these projects will definitely make you a better mechanic.

To make things even easier check out our “Woodworking Tools List” series of woodworking hand tools to help you in the process and make work even easier. We recommend the “Luxury Home Stuff” to help you get started.
“The 207U”
This page will be hosting the 207U subscription project video series that will be offered through MLW. This series will concentrate on getting deep into all aspects of the woodworking game. Tommy will be talking openly about machinery, tools, material, publications, and the direction of the industry from his perspective. Take a look around at the free projects and when you’re ready sign up for The 207U and start building your skills to the next level.