Difference between a step stool and a step ladder

What is the difference between a step stool and a step ladder? That question may sound so simple to answer but the response you would get if you ask someone could be a shocking one. Step ladders and step stools are nothing new to the generality of the public, but their common features make it difficult for people to give a meaningful difference. Before we dig into deeper, please read the step ladder and step stool safety. Let’s compare them right now.

Differences between a step stool and a step ladder

A step stool is a smaller, portable and non-adjustable ladder which can stand on itself. Whereas a step ladder is a quite huge, heavier and adjustable ladder that can be used to reach higher height levels. More so this ladder is a bit stable when using it compared to a step stool. Nevertheless, both these ladders are able to support themselves to stand.

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Basics about a Pole Saw

Trees in your garden area are often in a need of an occasional pruning for removing broken and dried out branches. This helps in their healthy growth and provides the best possible look to your trees. Cutting the branches that can be reached easily via a stool or chair is an easy task but what if you wanna saw higher? You may think of using a ladder but isn’t it dangerous at times? In this case, you might think of calling a professional but wait why don’t you use a Pole Saw instead?

What is a Pole Saw?

a man is using pole saw in the forest

I am sure the name is a pretty good indicator of what actually a Pole Saw is. Yes, it has a horizontal hacksaw-like blade saw that ends in a slight curve which is attached to a 10 -20 feet extendable long pole. It is used to trim tree branches and huge shrubbery without the usage of a ladder. And if you haven’t owned one, LuxuryHomeStuff.com has reviewed the best pole saws on the market today. Be sure to check them out.

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How to use a belt sander on hardwood floors?

What is floor sanding

Sanding your floor is the process of polishing and resurfacing the floor by removing the top surface of the floor. Many times ago, it was done by hands but that was very difficult and time taking task. Luckily today we have other options to sand the floor like floor sanders.

A Belt sander is easy to move and use. You can also use it by yourself and can save a lot of money, however, be patient in the process because it can take a lot of time and effort.

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The Best Wooden Backyard DIY Project Ideas for Your Kids

Creating some craft works at home is just an enjoyable thing to do, right? But what if it is about getting some kids join you in this type of activity? This is a perfect time for you to enjoy, have some fun, and at the same time, build a better relationship with your kids.

Woodworking projects for kids via luxuryhomestuff.com

Supervise your children as they make some projects. It may seem hard to work with kids in doing some fun stuff such as making some DIY projects because of some risks and danger.

So before you start doing some DIY or do it yourself activities with your kids, it is important that you should supervise them at all times to make sure that they would not get hurt from sharp objects or tools that you are going to use for the activity. 

So we compiled some of the best and easiest wooden backyard project ideas for kids. We made sure that these woodworking projects for kids are completely safe and easy to do.

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